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✓ Eco-Friendly!
✓ BMP Compliant!
✓ Quick & Easy Setup!
✓ Stands up to the toughest of environments!

Outpak's new All-Weather Washout is designed to stand up to the toughest of
environments while maintaining its portability, ease of setup, and cost effectiveness.

Outpak All-Weather Washout

✓ Eco-Friendly!
✓ BMP Compliant!
✓ Quick & Easy Setup!
✓ Compatible with Mixers, Wheel Barrows, and Pump Trucks!

Mobile solution for paint, dry wall mud, stucco, mortar, and
harmful industrial concrete sediment

Outpak Corrugated Washout

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Outpak All Weather Washout

Outpak Paint and Drywall Mud

Concrete Washout

Outpak Concrete Washouts are designed to be a convenient, portable solution for harmful industrial concrete, paint, dry wall mud, stucco, and mortar wet waste. They are designed for easy transportation and storage and simple, quick set-up in minutes. Outpak Concrete Washout has sizes for both mixer and pump trucks and can be used to wash off your tools including wheel barrows. Dispose of after evaporation and job completion.

Avoid Costly Fines

Prepare for enforcement within the city or county you are working in. There is no faster or easier way to manage concrete washout than Outpak Concrete Washouts. In Boise, ID we are required to have an onsite washout prior to footing inspection. If there is no washout, there is no work.


We are committed to delivering environmental solutions for the construction industry. In 2008 local inspection agencies began enforcement of the Federal Clean Water Act resulting in the implementation of Best Management Practices for erosion control and sediment containment. We offer a wide variety of concrete washout and other spill containment solutions that are BMP compliant and eco-friendly.